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Shop our wonderful range of dog products, approved by our dogs!!

From practical poo bags and travel bowls, to entertaining dog toys and tasty treats. We have all the essentials for your pup pal.

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    Dogs Trust Buckle Collar

    Dogs Trust approved with logo design. Made from sturdy single webbing, with buckle to fit neck size.

    from £3.50
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    Dogs Trust Lead

    Dogs Trust approved with logo design. Made from sturdy webbing with standard clip to fasten easily onto a collar. With loop for hand.

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    Car safety Harness
    from £12.99
    Car safety Harness

    This Dogs Trust approved Car Safety Harness is fully adjustable at the neck and girth with padded chest. Just adjust the harness as tightly as possible, loop handle lead attachment through the seat belt and clip to the harness ring. You can also exercise your dog with the harness by simply clipping your normal lead to the harness ring. WARNING - never clip attachment to dog collar or restrain your dog in any way by his collar when riding in a car.

    Sizing: The belly strap is adjustable on both sides so the length can be reduced by several centimetres. To determine the best pad fit for your dog and to avoid the belly strap rubbing, measure from the prominent chest bone down between the front legs and clear of the joint.

    Size A – Pad length: 10cm. Strap length up to: 50.5cm. e.g. Chihuahua

    Size B - Pad length: 16.5cm. Strap length up to: 66cm. e.g. Yorkshire Terrier / Toy Poodle

    Size C - Pad length: 20cm. Strap length up to: 76cm. e.g. Westie / Cavalier

    Size D - Pad length: 23cm. Strap length up to: 86cm. e.g. Springer Spaniel / Beagle

    Size E - Pad length: 26.5cm. Strap length up to: 91cm. e.g. Border Collie / Setter

    Size F - Pad length: 29cm. Strap length up to: 101cm. e.g. Labrador / German Shepherd

    Size G - Pad length: 29cm. Strap length up to: 127cm. e.g. Rottweiler / St Bernard

    from £12.99